Phone subscriptions are supported for Sprint, NEXTEL, AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, T-Mobile, Dobson Cellular Systems and Cellular One.

Cost is only $7.99/mth charged to your phone.

No commitments. To cancel anytime text 'STOP' to 36363. Standard messaging rates apply.

Online shopping is growing everyday. To help compensate for the lack of data protection in the marketplace, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was introduced. At, we feel that SSL is a necessary and prudent feature for doing business on the Internet.

Developed by Netscape Communications, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a security protocol developed in an effort to help deal with the lack of protection on the Internet. Today, its most popular use is for World Wide Web (WWW) online ordering forms. Based on encryption technology, SSL allows you to send and receive information on the WWW in encrypted form.

Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer already use SSL and most of the other Web browsers are currently developing support for it. These include America On-Line, Prodigy, Spry (CompuServe) and Netcruiser. However, since Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer make up over 95% of the browser market, this shouldn't be a problem for our customers.

Additionally, any information provided by you to this site will NEVER be sold or bartered with ANY other site or service. This means your information is private (just between you and us).

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